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With its Spa la Colline, hot tub and outdoor sauna facing Mont Blanc, the Alpaga is an ideal place to pamper yourself and get back into shape. Its plunge pool with fountains and massage jets is open from 10am to 9pm. For optimal comfort, children are welcome under adult supervision until 4pm.

Spa, la Colline 

Guests have access to the spa’s treatment cabins, which are set around the pool. An ideal complement to any Alpine stay, the expert treatments for face and body provided by La Colline’s specialists use the brand’s own protocols. Since it was founded, the Swiss care brand has striven to understand the workings of time in order to reduce the signs of ageing with scientifically proven anti-ageing treatments.


Fitness studio

The hotel’s fitness studio is open daily from 8am to 8pm. A coaching service is available for hotel guests on request.



La Colline body care

Relaxing body massage

50 minutes - €115

From the toes to the fingertips, long, slow enveloping motions embark the body onto a journey of immediate welleing and long-lasting lightness. Ideal for a harmonious, absolute relaxation. 

Toning - firming body massage

50 minutes - €115

In short, quick, precise motions, the beauty therapist’s fingers bound up and down the body to awaken the tissues. Japanese friction and tapping massage techniques firm the skin and reactivate the microcirculation. the entire body is redynamized, the skin is wonderfully toned and the legs feel lighter.

Slimming body massage

50 minutes - €115

Firm kneading and vigorous rolling massage movements boost the circulation and drainage to help eliminate toxins and fats. the body is reshaped, focusing on the most problematic zones, to impart a marvelous sensation of lightness.

Body exfoliation

30 minutes - €55

This treatment revivifies the senses with a combination of a delectable texture and a delicate fragrance for complete and utter relaxation. It detoxifies the skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully soft and perfectly hydrated.

Foot reflexology by La Colline

50 minutes - €115

Inspired by Asian culture, the Foot reflexology by La Colline combines highly specific techniques with a massage of the meridians to boost the microcirculation and impart an incredible sensation of well-being. You won’t look at your feet the same way anymore!

La Colline face care rituals

Signature treatment

1h30 - €180

The excellence of this Signature treatment is intensified by the mellow warmth of a NativAge candle. As the candle releases its massage oil, its soft, light and delicate fragrance creates a soothing atmosphere. The climax comes with the application of a collagen mask whose properties ideally prepare the skin for the exceptional effects of NativAge Le

Sérum and La Crème or Cellular For men formulas. Applied according to a carefully codified ritual to optimize its action, its smooth texture permeates the skin with the eco-regenerating power. Brimming with new energy, the skin takes on a healthy glow. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced. The complexion is resplendent.

Essential beauty treatment

50 minutes - €115

A genuine breath of fresh air for the skin, this facial treatment stimulates cellular regeneration. After double cleansing and the application of a cream mask, the skincare formulas are selected to meet each client’s needs, optimized by a sensory massage moisture-starved skin feels softer and suppler, imbued with a delicate sensation of freshness and well-being. Devitalized skin, freed from its shroud of fatigue, instantly looks smoother, firmer, plumper and well-toned.

Face and back relaxation

50 minutes - €115

A veritable cocoon of relaxation, the treatment begins with a back massage to rid the entire body of stress. Then the face is cleansed, pampered, massaged, and, regenerated, the face radiates freshness and vitality.

Excellence eye-ology

50 minutes - €95

The skin around the eyes is decongested, toned and nourished with a pure collagen mask for intensive hydration. under-eye dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away. In parallel, the entire face is pampered to restore a radiant complexion.

Excellence lift & light

1h20 - €140

Exclusive for Her

To restore the youthful beauty and radiance of the face, this firming treatment brightens, corrects and unifies the complexion, taking action on each type of discoloration (dark spots, redness, and shadowy zones) at its source.

After a soothing back massage, the firming, lifting and oxygenating power of LIFt & LIGHt Serum is optimized by a new and exclusive La Colline facial massage. the magic continues with a collagen mask accompanied by a hand and scalp massage. As a finishing touch, LIFt & LIGHt Cream brings out the full radiance potential of the face.

New:  Swiss Riviera detox treatment

45 minutes – €90

The new SWISS RIVIERA treatment brings an answer to all city dwellers wishing to take advantage of an escape in French Alps to give their skin a breath of freshness and purity. It all starts with double cleansing and exfoliation to repair the skin and detoxify it thanks to a blend of toning and stimulating essentials oils contained in Cellular Bio-Activating Gel. During the application of a cream mask, a scalp or a hand massage strengthens the relaxing benefits of the treatment. The skin receives then Swiss Riviera Global Anti-Pollution Emulsion with its protective shield, anti-oxidizing and detoxifying properties. Detoxified, well hydrated, skin breathes, complexion is sublimated.

Exclusively for the Alpaga

Relaxing & coddling cocoon treatment

1h20 – €140

It all starts with the soothing benefits of a hammam steam bath to rid the skin of toxins and prepare it for exfoliation. Next comes a candle massage for the back, a delectable plunge into deep relaxation. the ultimate refinement of this coddling treatment, developed exclusively for the Alpaga, is the Cellular Hydra Firming Body Cream wrap, optimized by the comforting warmth of a body-hugging blanket for an ultra-effective nourishing and rehydrating action. In parallel, the face is pampered with the Cellular Night elixir, whose revitalizing and firming properties reawaken the complexion’s youthful beauty. Imparting a unique sensation of comfort, the treatment leaves the skin feeling soft and supple from head to toe. A cup of soothing tea adds a refreshing conclusion to this delightful moment of relaxation.

Comforting face and body treatment

1h45 - €175

A treatment of pure, total relaxation from head to toe. The session begins with controlled breathing to improve oxygenation and dispel muscular tension, followed by the sensory face massage. During the cream mask, the relaxation continues with the scalp, trapezius and neck massages. the application of facial care products reveals a well-rested, smooth and supple skin. the path towards well-being carries on with the relaxing Body massage to achieve utmost well-being.

Warm wax relaxing back massage

30 minutes - €80

A treatment for the back, starting with multiple layers of hot towels. After the diffusion of this comforting warmth, the warm oil from the NativAge massage candle is poured onto the back. Intense kneading and deep smoothing motions help eliminate stress and loosen knots of tension.

Intensive after ski body massage

50 minutes- €115

This treatment features the gentle warmth of hot towels applied on the back. Tensed and aching muscles are instantly soothed as the body is infused by a delightful sensation of well-being. this deep massage releases tension while chasing away the deposits of accumulated toxins that can cause cramps after physical exertion. this restorative treat for the muscles combines effectiveness with ultimate well-being.

Day spa

Pleasure for the palate and the pupils

1h45 - €200

After a gentle candle massage of the back to rid the body of tension, this treatment focuses on the face. to restore its youthful beauty, the skin around the eyes is decongested, toned and nourished with a pure collagen mask for intensive hydration. under-eye dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away. In parallel, the entire face is pampered to restore a radiant complexion.

Totally unwinding walk

1h20 - €190

The session begins with a 30-minute Body exfoliation that leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft, followed by a 1h relaxing Body massage for absolute relaxation. A 15-minute session in the hammam is recommended before the Body exfoliation.

Earthly and heavenly nourishment

50 minutes - €150

A veritable journey for the senses… Before or after the gastronomic pleasures of lunch at the Onyx, savor the sensory pleasures of a body treatment with an exclusive toning-firming, relaxing or slimming massage whose magic lasts long after the session is over. An unforgettable heavenly experience.

Hands and feet care

Classic manicure

45 minutes - €65

This classic manicure for the beauty of the hands and fingernails includes cuticle care, trimming, filing and buffing of the nails, moisturizing of the hands, and finally the application of nail lacquer in a wide choice of shades.

Classic pedicure

45 minutes - €65

This classic treatment for the feet and toenails includes cuticle care, trimming, filing and buffing of the toenails, moisturizing of the feet, and finally the application of nail lacquer in a wide choice of shades.