Le Val Thorens welcomes you fresh new this winter


Le Val Thorens is currently being renovated.

It will reopen its doors on Wednesday, December 01st, and will offer you a new experience.

New rooms, a new restaurant, a new identity, contemporary and inspired by the destination.

Discover the renovated hotel below.

Discover Le Val Thorens

GSC Our general conditions


The following conditions of sale apply to rental and booking of rooms and suite marketed and managed by SAS HOTEL LE VAL THORENS, and form the basis of the contract.


The information in this document is provided on the basis of the state of regulations at the time of its publication and subject to any changes that may occur after said publication. This rental is entered into on the basis of temporary residence for leisure purposes. The resident may not under any circumstances exercise a commercial, artisanal or professional activity in the premises.
These conditions of sale and all references in these conditions are covered by French law.


• Information prior to booking:
Number of people: you will be asked at the time of booking for the number of people – adults and children – who will occupy the room or suite during your stay. Under no circumstances may this exceed the number for which the room or suite is equipped.
Pets: pets are welcome (on request) at a rate of 25€ per animal per day in the rooms or suite, provided they do not harm either the peace or safety of people present in the property.
People requiring special care: if anyone in your party requires special care because of their state of health, this must be indicated at the time of booking, so that we can express any reservations as to the suitability of the stay, provide advice or suggest appropriate accommodation for the customer’s needs.
The prices shown are public, in euros, including tax and service charges other than tourist tax. Prices are subject to change without notice.

No booking is confirmed until a down payment has been received, namely:

For the flexible rates:
• 30 % of the total amount of the booking for a room or suite at the time of booking
• The balance must be settled 14 days prior to arrival

For the semi-flexible rates:
• 50 % of the total amount of the booking for a room or suite at the time of booking
• The balance must be settled 30 days prior to arrival

All bookings must be guaranteed by a credit card, which will be requested at the time of booking.
Package prices are viewed as a whole and cannot be broken down into separate elements; as a result, no refunds can be given on any unused elements.
Tourist taxes will be payable at the hotel on departure.

We would like to inform you of the latest Government’s announcements in regards to  the Covid-19 pandemic.
As from 1 August we will be requesting you to present us your personal Covid Certificate, the health pass upon check-in. Also all restaurants, bars and private places where people gather in France will be requesting you for this certificate in order to give you access to their premises.
If you do not have a valid Covid Certificate (that includes the full vaccination schedule), the below two alternatives are also acceptable :
- Show a negative PCR test of less then 72 hours old.
- A Covid-19 certificate of recovery : A certificate that proves you tested positive more then 11 days ago, but maximum 6 months ago and have fully recovered.


• Changes to stay:
We may be obliged to change the customer’s stay in the event of force majeure outside our control, or for safety or maintenance reasons.
• Changes to key elements of the stay:
By the hotel owner: once they have been notified, the customer may either terminate their contract and receive a fee-free refund of the amounts paid, or accept the change proposed by the seller, in which case a rider will be signed by the parties.
By the customer: we will do our best to satisfy the customer’s needs once we have been notified by registered letter. Should this prove impossible, said change will be considered a cancellation and subject to the terms and conditions applicable in such cases.
• Cancellation:
We advise customers to take out insurance for cancellation costs with their insurance company.
Customers who are unable to arrive on the day scheduled will be billed 100% for the nights concerned.
Customers who wish to leave before the end of their stay will be billed 100% for the nights concerned.
Bookings will only be confirmed on receipt of a down payment as stated in the “Registration and Booking” section of this document.
All bookings are subject to cancellation conditions as follow:
For the flexible rates:
• Cancellation with no penalties until 14 days prior to arrival, the down payment can be refunded
• Cancellation less than 14 days before the arrival: 100% of the total amount, the remaining amount of the stay will be charged automatically
For the semi-flexible rates:
• Cancellation with no penalties until 30 days prior to arrival, the down payment can be refunded
• Cancellation less than 30 days before the arrival: 100% of the total amount, the remaining amount of the stay will be charged automatically
Special Covid-19 policy:
• If French government decides to close French borders or ski resorts, cancellation possible with credit of the booking amount or with refund.
• If French government forbids a country (or a French region) to travel, cancellation possible with credit of the booking amount or with refund.
• If a foreign government forbids its citizens to travel, advise against travelling or impose a quarantine, cancellation possible with credit of the booking amount or with refund.
• If travellers are tested positive to Covid-19 less than 72 hours before arrival, cancellation possible with credit of the booking amount or with refund.
• Conditions:
o Sending of the positive test’s result under the traveller’s name in French or in English
o If several rooms were booked, the cancellation is possible only for the room of the travellers tested positive
o At the time of booking, it is mandatory to provide the names and passports of each traveller occupying the room or suite. If those elements are not provided at the time of the booking confirmation, no cancellation will be possible in case of a positive test.
• Interruption of stay:
A customer whose stay is interrupted for any reason whatsoever, outside the hotel owner’s control, may not claim a refund of any kind. We recommend that customers take out an insurance policy to cover this eventuality.


Hotel’s liability: given that safes are made available to customers in the hotel rooms and suite, the company cannot be held liable for any loss or theft.
Customer’s liability: in the case of missing property or damage to the hotel room or suite, the costs of repairs will be invoiced to the customer at the end of their stay.
In case of property or furniture damages or misbehavior from the client, the management can interrupt the client’s stay with immediate effect, with no compensation. All repairs will be charged to the client.


• Check-in and check-out time:
Check-in and check-out times must be respected, failing which the customer will be subject to additional fees equivalent to the price of one night’s accommodation as booked.
• Arrival (time from which the room or suite is guaranteed to be available): 16:00
• Departure (time by which the customer must leave the room or suite): 11:00
All payments are due by the date set out in the booking agreement, in accordance with the conditions of sale.
Bank fees are payable by the customer for all payments made by wire transfer or bank card.
No cheques or payments in foreign currency will be accepted.
Extras for hotel customers (rooms or suite) must be settled on the day of departure by bank card or in cash at reception.


• Internal regulations:
All customers are responsible for any nuisance caused. We may end the stay immediately without compensation if the peace, integrity or safety of people living or working on the estate is compromised.
Customers must avoid any reckless or negligent acts. In particular, they must take care not to leave the room or suite open without supervision, and to lock it when absent to prevent any intrusion.
In general terms, the customer must use their accommodation and the furniture it contains according to normal conditions of use.
Under no circumstances shall the company be held liable in the circumstances below:
• Stolen or damaged property:
The company cannot be held liable under any circumstances in the event of theft or damage to the customer’s property taking place in the room or suite. A safe is available to customers in each room and suite. The customer has sole responsibility for their personal property and effects during their stay.
• Service:
For safety reasons, the use of external service providers in our rooms or suite to deliver drinks, food, catering, massage services, babysitting, housekeeping, etc. is strictly prohibited. Customers who wish to have access to such services may contact the concierge 24/24.


Direct, active, visual supervision is essential and the customer’s sole responsibility. Failure to comply with the regulations will result in immediate and permanent exclusion.
The following precautions must be taken to guarantee the safety of children:
• never leave a child alone in water, even if they know how to swim
• children must always be under the supervision of an adult who can rescue them in the event of an accident
• never leave toys or other floating objects that could encourage a child to get close to the water
• always ensure young children are wearing armbands
SAS HOTEL LE VAL THORENS cannot be held liable in the event of an accident or death.


• Liability:
The hotel is monitored 24/24 for your safety and tranquility. However, all customers are responsible for themselves and for using the safes and other services made available to them. Under no circumstances may the company be held liable for damage or theft in the rooms or suites.
Customers must be able to provide evidence of civil liability and multi-risk insurance.
• Complaints:
The properties managed by the company are intended to offer an unforgettable stay for our customers and to guarantee total satisfaction.
We would therefore be grateful if you would let us know about any complaints during your stay, so that we can find a solution as soon as possible.