Alpaga Spa & Fitness Studio Megève - Alpaga


With its Spa by Sothys, hot tub and outdoor sauna facing Mont Blanc, the Alpaga is an ideal place to pamper yourself and get back into shape. Its plunge pool with fountains and massage jets is open from 10am to 8pm. For optimal comfort, children are welcome under adult supervision until 4pm.

Spa, by Sothys

Guests have access to the spa’s treatment cabins, which are set around the pool. An ideal complement to any Alpine stay, the unique and innovating formulas resulting from Sothys Advanced Research, combined with exclusive hand movements and care protocols, express the essence of each treatment. Discover the Sothys Beauty institut in a mufed atmosphere and let you be transported to a unique sensorial experience, placing wellbeing, effectiveness and safety All Sothys treatments are conceived for the beauty and well-being of both Ladies and Gentleman. 


The hotel’s gym is open daily from 8am to 8pm. A coaching service is available for hotel guests on request.




Secrets de Sothys Soin Excellence treatment encapsulates luxury, elegance and sophistication in a truly unforgettable experience. This incomparable

anti-aging treatment envelops the skin with soft, rich textures and light delicate scents to plunge your senses into a peaceful and serene sanctuary.


Exclusive formulations utilizing the Sothys Rose stem cells and precious porcelain flower oil delivered in unison with our exclusive Liftoplastie™ massage

and second skin boicellulose mask reactivates and regenerates the skin's youth and natural beauty. Exceptional ultra-concentrated formulas ensure dramatic and long lasting results.


A body treatments in 3 steps, and a facial treatments in 9 steps combining make up removal, ultra-efficient peeling, exceptional modellings, high performance masks, ice effect final smooting and sublime beauty pampering.


2h30 exclusively dedicated to the body, face and spirit for a deep relaxation and efficiency even after one week.

Face and body ritual

2h30 - 340€

Discover treatment perfection. This new 2.5-hour face and body ritual combines the ingredients for the ultimate unique treatment with elegance and refinement, for an unforgettable well-being experience.With Sothys Rose stem cells and precious Porcelain flower oil.

Facial ritual

1h30 - 200€

The unique care: hydratation, anti-aging, brightness, ans unforgettable bracket of well-being.

Body ritual

1h00 - 140€

A care in 3 steps : a prelude of awakening, a granita of scrub to sublimate your body followed by nourishing massage.


Intensive treatments


Hydrating treatment hyaluronic acid

1h15 - 140€

This replenishing and hydrating treatment is our solution to quench thirsty skin and combat dehydration. A combination of hyaluronic acid and patented Boletus extract reactivate the natural hydration levels to reveal a more youthful complexion. Moisturizing serums, ultra-nourishing massage cream and enveloping mask restore skins natural softness and suppleness.

Youth intensive treatment ssp3. tri-complex

1h15 - 140€

Through five steps, and no fewer than eight specific formulas, experience Sothys
youth effectiveness, as well as 1 hour 15 minutes of relaxation and expert
treatment, for visibly younger skin.

Fundamental care


Fundamental woman treatment

50 min - 115€

A new skincare line to fullfill all needs of each skin type, to nourish, moisturize and protect it. Perfect cleansing specific serum for woman, relaxing massage, tailor-made mask enhance the skin and revive the complexion raidance.

Fundamental man treatment

50 min - 115€

An essential facial treatment to boost and detoxify men’s skin. High precision cleanser cusomized mask, relaxing modelling movements and a specific age-defying serum for a more resilient and impeccable skin.

Targeted treatments


High protection eye treatment

50 min - 115€

This treatment specifically designed for the eye contour area, helps immediately dimish signs of fatigue and ageing in 4 key steps, combining the hands of the beautician with the modeling porcelains specially designed for Sothys, this treatment is a unique moment for your eyes.

Soothing facial with spa thermale water

50 min - 115€

Ultra calming desesitizing and soothing treatment for sensitive and reactive skin. Incorporating healing SpaTM Thermale water and specially selected botanicals to provide immediate and lasting relief and strengthen the skin. A double layer cocooning mask in combination with our unique decongesting facial massage with chilled porcelain spoons immediately calms and soothes your skin.

Seasonal facial

50 min - 115€

Just like nature, our skin changes with the rhythms of the seasons. In order to offer the skin all the essential elements it needs to perform at its peak, Sothys introduces two yearly Seasonal Facials. Inspired by the riches of nature, each collection of seasonal care combines a cocktail of original active ingredients and memorable fragrances to create a perfect environment in tune with nature.



Signature treatment


Sensations orientales

1h15 min - 140€

Sensations orientalesA relaxing exotic and capticating unisex treatment with an oriental fragance  of Amber & Myrrh. A handmade scrubbing clay stone, exclusive to Sothys  is used on the body for exfoliation. 


1h15 min - 140€

Embark on an echanting sensorial journey flled with foral notes of Cherry Blossom and Lotus Flower to relax the body and nourrish your ski. Our signature body treatment incorporates a warm exfoliating cream to soften and smooth  the skin. A unique, invigorating foot massage fows into a relaxing full body massage using warmed aromatic shea butter to bring relaxation to your mind body and soul.


Exfoliating body treatment


Delicious scrub

30 min - 60€

An aromatic marmalade with exotic spices and essential oils of ginger, nutmeg, orange and cinnamon to awaken your senses. 

Tonic scrub

30 min - 60€

A melt-in texture, sprinkled with lemon peel, transporting you to a fresh invigorating sensorial escape.


Specific care


Foot reflexology by alpaga

50 min - 115€

Inspired by Asian culture, the Foot refexology combines highly specifc techniques with a massage of the meridians to boost the microcirculation and impart  an incredible sensation of well-being. You won’t look after your feet the same  way anymore. 


Modelling and scrubs to be combined and customised  with the fragance of your choice from 5 sensory escapes. (lemon & petigrain - orange blossom & cedar wood - cinamon & ginger -  frangipani flower & plum - sothys man)

Sugar and salt scrub

30 min - 60€ 

This customized exfoliation combines sea salts and natural sugar grains personalized by your choice of the fagrant escape.

100% customised modelling 

50 min - 115€ or 1h15 - 140€

3 textures to choose : oil, cream and wax. Choose your modelling product : Nourishing Oil, Soft unctuous cream  or melting wax.


Hydra-nourishing cocoon mask

30 min - 60€

Experience the comforting sensation of a hydrating/nourishing wrap applied warm into the skin, and let your body and your mind indulge in pure escapism with the fragrance you have chosen. The soft skin effect is guaranteed!

Scrub & modelling 100% customised

1h15 - 140€ or 1h45 - 190€


Classic manucure or pedicure

45 min - 65€

The classic manucure or pedicure for the beauty of the hands or the feet and nails includes cuticle care, trimming, fling and bufng of the nails, moisturizing  of the hans and fnally the application of nail lacquer in a wide choice of shades. 

Half permanent nail polish application - 50€


Nail polish application - 25€



Lips - 16€

Eyes brow - 16€

Armpits - 20€

Simple bikini lime - 20€

Brazilian bikini lime - 33€

Entire bikini lime - 40€

Half legs - 30€

Entire legs - 42€


Back - 65€

Shoulder - 20€

Chest - 30€


Our wellness center is open from 10 am to 8 pm.

For our guests comfort, children under 14 years old are welcome until 4pm always under surveillance. Prices including tax and service. 

For an appointment, please dial 9, or +33 (0) 4 50  91 48 70 -

Please be punctual for appointments and be present 5 mins before time. If you are late, time will be caught up on the time of the treatment and therefore the time allowed to you reduced. Tank you for your comprehension.

The time of a session an/or treatment is exclusively reserved for you. If any change or cancellation does occur, please inform us at least 12 hours in advance. After this time we will charge you 100%.